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 What to expect from your Cabinet Transformation


First Step:

Our finish carpenters will remove all cabinet doors and existing hinges and bore all holes necessary for new European hinges. That is a round hole required in the door at each hinge for the hardware to be recessed into, hidden from view on the front of the door.
They will mark each door with a location where it goes with a piece of tape inserted into the top bored hole of each cabinet door.
They will “knock off” any blatant imperfections from previous finishes on face frames where door hinges have been removed.
If new finish hardware is available, all new holes will be drilled at this time to eliminate any scratches on the new paint and glaze.

Second Step:

Our painters will sand, clean and spray all face frames in place with the first coat. Affected areas to be protected with tape, paper and tarps appropriately. The holes left on the face frames from the existing hinges will be filled and painted. The interiors of cabinet boxes will be covered with paper and will be excluded from the new finish. Most client’s items located in the cabinets can remain in place during this process.
The doors may be transferred and painted off site, or space permitting, on site.
The second coat of paint will be applied to the face frames and doors 24 hours after the first coat.

Third Step:

Our carpenters install all new hinges on doors and face frames and adjust all doors into place.

Fourth Step:

Layers of Color will remove doors and mark their location again. They will glaze all face frames per the finish samples previously approved by the client. This procedure will dry overnight. The doors will be installed again and any “line work” required on the doors will be completed and left to dry overnight. The exterior of all the doors will have their final coat of glaze applied and left to dry.
After 3-4 days of drying and curing time, the new finish hardware can be installed. If client contracts to have our carpenters install the finish hardware (knobs and pulls), additional charges will be required.

Product Information:

The Modern Masters Platinum No VOC paint used in this project is designed to be both the primer and the finish coat for the cabinetry. The amount of “gloss” of this paint line is a low sheen.
The Modern Masters Platinum glazes are designed to work in conjunction with their No VOC paint line to allow the most beautiful yet durable bond between a paint and glaze on the market. No finish or top coat required as the glazes have a built in acrylic sealer, saving more money for the client.




Surface mounted hinge

Original hinges

Back of surface hinge

Back of surface mounted hinge

European hinge prep

European hinge preparation

European hinge installed

European hinge installed

Finished cabinet

No visible hinges!