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Class Offerings

Layers of Color is one of the few exclusive Modern Masters Platinum Training Centers throughout the US and abroad that have adopted the Kelly S. King Academy Curriculums, a division of Modern Masters Inc. The Platinum Series products focus on environmentally friendly finishes using products and textures in which several have low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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Class Descriptions


Alcohol Inks

We will be creating a multi layered mixed media large canvas piece with alcohol inks on vellum. Alcohol inks are a fun way to incorporate vibrant colors onto many non-porous surfaces such as metal and glass. You will learn how to blend and layer the inks with other mediums.

Plaster Bas Relief

This is an introduction to the ancient plaster technique of Bas Relief. You will create a low relief sculptural piece of art that literally pops off the face of the board it is created on. You will work with a low combination of plaster molds, carved concrete, paints and glazing mediums all incorporated in a safari landscape scene.

Mason Jar Magic

Mason jars aren’t just for canning anymore! We are creating colorful yet useful new ways to use mason jars and their lids. What about a beautiful tray to display them on? We will make that too. Learn how to decorate them with chalk paints, metallic paints and foils, stencils and new hardware. Whether you fill them with make-up or moonshine you will have fun with creating a modern twist on these classic jars. You will go home with three jars and one tray ready to serve or display.

Introduction to Cabinet Finishes

Want to help transform the oak cabinets of the world into something beautiful? We start with one finish at a time. In this class you will learn several different finishes that will not only hide the oak cabinetry, but also offer beautiful and durable finishes that will coordinate with any design style. We will layer paints and glazes, wood grain and metallic finishes for cabinetry. Each student will take home four gorgeous finished samples. All materials are water based and eco-friendly.

Intermediate Cabinet Finishes

If you have taken Introduction to Cabinet Finishes or are familiar with the Modern Masters noVOC paint and glaze systems, this is the class for you. We will be combining and expanding these materials with an amazing cabinet finish system with distressing, crackle finishes, metallic glazes and more. This will allow more detail, expression and depth to all your cabinet and furniture finishes. Each student goes home with one cabinet door and 3 molding samples. We are taking cabinet and furniture to the next level of beauty!

Advanced Cabinet Finishes

In this advanced level of instruction we will be learning to add dimension and design to your cabinet finishes.  Plaster type products such as Wood Icing, Metallic Plasters and Texture Effects will be used along with propriortary glaze recipes and metallic paints for beautiful and unique effects. This process works well on furniture too! Each student goes home with 3 custom cabinet doors and one molding sample.

Decorative Concrete Countertops

This training will provide a complete overview and hands on approach to a variety of concrete countertop overlays, staining techniques and sealers.

Each student will complete:

This is a step by step training from building countertop substrates to applying the countertop overlay products and learning multiple stain and decorative techniques. Each student will learn how to bid, market and sell their products, adding a competitive edge and value to their professional portfolios.

Fantastic Foils

Decorative Foils are a great medium to create sparkle and shine on any wall, cabinet or furniture surface. They are extremely versatile with other mediums such as plasters and glazes allowing so many unique looks. Foils come in awesome colors like gold, silver, red, variegated and even holographic! We will create 4 boards using combinations of the above mediums that will wow you and your clients!

Fabulous Furniture Finishes

If you have tired older or unfinished furniture that needs an updated look, this workshop is for you. Learn how to apply several layers of paint materials to create beautiful and unique furniture finishes. We’ll work with paints, glazes and metallic finishes that enhance any design style from traditional to contemporary. All materials included no experience necessary. Dress for mess, bring a sack lunch. Materials: $20 at class.

Texture Techniques for Walls

Do you have an accent wall or a niche in your wall that is screaming for something amazing?
In this class you will be working with Metallic Paints and Plasters, Venetian Plasters and how to incorporate stencils, glazes and other decorative finish products into amazing dimensional wall finishes. We will be discussing color combinations, the best places for accent walls, and how these finishes can even be used on cabinetry!  You will go home with three beautiful, multi-layered sample boards.

Instructor: Daphne Elsberry

Glass Vase Glamour

We are on a mission to take all of the plain glass vases in the world and turn them into colorful, dimensional, beautiful pieces of art that even your garden daisies will look amazing displayed inside! Looking for a special gift for a new bride, graduate or especially your mom who everything? We will help you create the perfect gift - surely to bring tears to her eyes. We will be working with chalk paints, glazes, metallic paints and more. You will go home with one uniquely painted glass vase ready for giving.

Instructor: Daphne Elsberry & Kelly Peterson

Paint Italian Style

Create your own three hour acrylic Tuscan landscape! Join us at the studio for some wine, hors d'voures and paint as Kristina Letson walks us through the Italian countryside on canvas! No previous painting experience necessary! Each student goes home with a completed canvas.

Sample Painting

Instructor: Kristina Letson

 Garage & Front Door Faux

Learn the tricks of the trade to change your steel garage door into a beautiful piece of art in this fun, one day class.  You will also be learning other garage door treatments which include stains and glazes that can be used on wood projects.

Instructor: Daphne Elsberry

Intro to Decorative Concrete - Countertops

Learn how to take your old tile and formica countertops and transform them into a beautiful work of art with decorative concrete! In this 2 day class you will learn how to prepare an existing surface, and how to overlay the surface with this revolutionary new product. We will also spend time working with water based stains, acid stains and stencils so that you can create the beautiful looks of stone that are so popular in today's growing concrete market. This class is a must for anyone looking to take their business or art to the next level. Bring home 2 completed samples.

Modern Masters Metallic Plasters

Learn 8 high production, simple, money-making, beautiful new finishes with Modern Masters Metallic Plasters. You will learn how to easily and quickly create incredible finishes for your clients. In this class, Metallic Plaster will be used to produce a wide variety of both matte and high sheen dimensional finishes as well as stunning combinations of highs and lows. This diversified portfolio is designed to give you a wide arrangement of colors and finishes that will favorably catch the eyes of designers and customers looking for modern vogue finishes. This class will give you the skill and knowledge that you will use to instantly make more money for your business in only one day!

Platinum Series Walls I

Looking for a way to create soft, beautiful glazes and textures on your walls? The Modern Masters Platinum Series noVOC paint and Glazing Cream Colors offer endless possibilities of creating just that. Learn about the tools and techniques that can turn any white walls into colorful art.

Instructor: Daphne Elsberry

PTC Day - Play to Create

Come experiment with paints, glazes, metallics and stencils to create finishes from your own imagination. This is a hands on class that allows you to “play” with different materials, tools and techniques with no formal instruction. I will be there to assist or guide you in your vision for your samples.  Three sample boards included in class. Additional sample boards or molding samples at extra cost.

SayWhat? Stencil Art

You know stencils, but what do you do with a SayWhat? SayWhat? vinyl stencils are custom made lettering and designs, by The Mad Stencilist, that take the art of stenciling to the next level and allow very detailed work to be done easily. They are a "one time" use stencil with both positive and negative features to create unique designs. You will apply glazes, metallics and plaster products to both types of stencils for the most versatility in stencil work.

Sparkle and Shine

Tinkerbell will have nothing  on you when you add these super sparkle wall finishes to your portfolio. Catch the eyes of designers and architects with these shimmering new designs. You will create finishes with a variety of super sparkle products such as foils, glass beads, Brush Crystal plaster, metallics and more.


tattoowallTM is the direct transfer of color pigments onto both interior and exterior surfaces. A traditional antique fresco look is achieved in less time with the same high quality. Invented to create murals, tattoowallTM has been used on a variety of surfaces, including: wood, drywall, untreated cement, stucco and bricks, with no size limitations. It's the new Fresco! Come joing this FREE seminar to learn about this new, incredible product, what makes it so unique, and how you can do it too!

Textures on Canvas

Learn to build texture and body on your fine art pieces like you have never seen before! Easy to sculpt, trowel, scrape and paint. Create with Modern Masters Platinum Series plasters, metallics, and JWR artist acrylics.

 Wine Glass WOW

Even the best wines and martinis will taste better in a hand painted glass created by you! They are colorful and full of sparkle and bling! Maybe a fruit or compote bowl needs some color and style instead? Those would work great too!

Two wine, martini or fruit compote bowls will be provided for you to paint in class and take home. Each pair of additional glass painted, add $20.00 (sets of 4 matching glasses will be available).

  Private instruction available upon request.


Class Photos

Class Photos.

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